If you plan upon submitting a loan request to us, please give us a call to discuss your scenario. If you would like to submit your loan now, please furnish the following:

  1. For purchase & refinance transactions, please include:
    • The last two full years of profit and loss statements.
    • A trailing 12.
    • A list of any capital improvements planned with costs.
    • The Sponsor’s(s) personal financial statement(s) on any individual(s) owning 20% or more.
    • Photos.
    • Sources & Uses.
  2. For bridge loans, same as above plus itemized costs for any improvement to the property and TI& LC costs to reposition the property.
  3. For construction loans:
    • A detailed breakdown of construction costs.
    • A 5 year pro forma.
    • Copies of construction drawings and permits.
    • A personal financial statement on all principal(s) owing 20% or more.
    • Developer’s resume.
    • Information on the general contractor.
    • Sources & Uses.